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If you're a complicated lifter and you would like to enhance or shock a bodypart (or in our case the shoulders) you ought to do this intense Shoulder Workout Routine. The system is named – Power/Rep Range/Shock or shortly P/RR/S. The workout represents a three-week phase that's performed 3 times over the course of nine weeks.

This workout aims to enhance a weak part or, if you'll handle it, you'll train your entire body with it. P/RR/S prevents from becoming bored doing the standard workout routine.

But first, we'd like to warn you: If you only started training or training but a year, you’re not ready for a program of this intensity. Meaning, you want to have a basic understanding of how the muscle groups work, you would like to possess some good strength developed, and an honest mind-muscle reference to the muscles being trained. If you're not advanced, you ought to be more happy with a number of these shoulder workouts.

Week 1: Power Phase

The main intensity section comes from Power week that's set for 3 sets of 4 to 6 reps with four to 5 minutes’ rest between sets. The delts consists of three sections, heads  anterior, or front; lateral, or side; and posterior, or rear so you perform one exercise for every head.

Front Delts

Seated barbell presses    3 x 4-6

Side Delts

Lateral raises    3 x 4-6

Rear Delts

Upright barbell rows        3 x 4-6

You need to hit the aimed muscles hard to the purpose of failure within the four-to-six-rep range, but don’t go extremely heavy. You shouldn’t sacrifice form in favor of doing more reps. You’re trying to create muscle, so don’t aim to succeed in max weight.

Week 2: Rep Range Phase

After grueling Power Week comes Rep Range week. Follow an equivalent principles as described for Power week, but the rep range is different for every exercise. First exercise for sets of eight to nine reps, the second exercise for 10 to 12 reps and therefore the third exercise for 13 to fifteen reps. Your rest between sets is 2 and three minutes.

You can switch up the order during which you train the heads. you begin with the side heads then hit the rear and, finally, the front

Side Delts

Seated lateral raises    3 x 9

Rear Delts

Bent-over dumbbell or cable laterals    3 x 10-12

Front Delts

Seated dumbbell/barbell presses    3 x 13-15

Make sure you squeeze at the highest of every movement so as to perform a correct contraction of the muscles.

Week 3: Shock Phase

Shock week includes high intensity-boosting techniques that aim to challenge the muscles, so once they recover, they're going to grow and become stronger. The techniques can include supersets, drop sets, partial reps or rest/pause method. For the sake of simplicity we’ll accompany the drop set technique.

With drop sets you are doing a group with an important weight and once you get to failure you drop the load by about 25% and still do more repetitions till you get to failure again. Take two minute breaks after each drop set.

Once again you'll change the order during which you train the deltoid heads start with the rear, followed by the front and, finally, the side delts.

Rear Delts

Bent-over lateral raises

warm-up    2 x 15-20
Drop Set*   1 x 8-10(4), 8(4), 8(4)

Front Delts

Smith-machine or hammer presses

warm-up      1 x 15-20
Drop Set*    1 x 8-10(3), 8(3), 8(3)

Side heads

One-arm cable laterals

warm-up       1 x 15-20
Drop Set*     1 x 8-10(3), 8(3), 8(3)

Drop Set* is a drop set, and you will execute it as follows:

– You should analyze carefully and pick a weight with which you will reach failure at 8 to 10 reps and do a set.
– rest five seconds.
– Drop the weight by 25% and then go to failure again.
– Rest for 10 seconds.
– Then reduce the weight by 25% again and go to failure again.

After Week 3

You can start everywhere again the processes with Power week again, followed by Rep Range week and Shock week. Then repeat the general three-week cycle one last time for nine weeks total. After three rounds of P/RR/S take every week off to recover and steel oneself against subsequent nine-week phase  if you are feeling up thereto.

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